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Website Management

Paradox manages multiple websites for a number of clients. Our own flagship website gets more than a million hits a month and is ranked in the top three on Google. Our websites are built in CSS3 and HTML5 to the latest standards, and more recently we have been building RWD sites for better performance on mobile phones and tablets. Responsive Web Design is a way of designing a site that adapts to the size of screen on which it is viewed.

We will consider accepting clients of all types, from a simple brochure website to a fully functioning e-commerce site, or if you already have a website we can improve it or alter it, or just take over the day to day management.

If you run the type of business that is run on traditional lines and you don't yet have a web presence, then we can help you. We understand the market, don't speak endless technobabble, and we will be realistic about how well a website is likely to work for you. We can also help with the technicalities, writing copy, obtaining pictures, that kind of thing.

How much does it cost? It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, and we can provide the website design and management for a small monthly fee, so that you don't have a large outlay up front. One of the problems with many websites is that they are designed and neglected. That is not how we work, we don't just set up the site, we are there to help you get the most out of it.

One last word. We have limited capacity, so we can't take on everyone who comes to us, so we are looking for those with interesting or worthy projects or business ideas.

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